Co-founder Technical Director
R&D and Tooling expert

Having received my Masters degree in plastic technology I put this to use in the world of manufacturing in China. After 5 years as a buyer for UK and French companies, procuring product from Asia, I decided the best way to utilize my abilities was to work directly with factories on the ground in China. 


Having worked my way up to General Manager in a plastic and display factory I’ve been able to now work on the projects that expand my knowledge base and help continue to elevate my skills.  With my time and dedication to designing, manufacturing and complete understanding of adjusting machine parameters, I am able to offer a very rare service for tool manufacturing. From simple to complex parts, protoypes to high volume orders I am at your service to help you achieve the best product at the right price.


With Enine I wanted to use my R&D expertise in tooling and mass production to help client making their design happen.

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