Associate - Operations Director
Sourcing and Supply Chain

"Having spent the vast majority of my career handling sourcing and procurement overseas, my understanding of manufacturing and my network of suppliers has put me in a unique position to help companies find the right suppliers for their products, negotiate the best pricing and ensure on time delivery.


Having spent 10 years traveling back and forth from the US to Asia I have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and have learned the best practices for building, designing and manufacturing products across multiple industries. My trips were properly planned, precise and I met my deliverables in the time allotted.  When the opportunity arose for me to live in Asia I welcomed it. I now work onsite with suppliers and help customers increase their speed to market, reduce lead times, negotiate better pricing and conduct quality control throughout multiple stages of production.


I have worked with all of the large US retailers and have a firm understanding of importing and exporting requirements as well as testing and custom requirements for the US. I am also familiar with auditing processes of large retailers.


My strengths lie in knowing what an overseas company is looking for in a supplier, as well as being able to be their eyes and ears on the ground. I have become a bridge for a company to their suppliers and projects. I allow for their projects to continue even when their workday is over.  And working is Asia has allowed me to continue to grow my network, learn more about the business culture and the best part is working without jet lag.


I am currently enrolled as a student learning Mandarin. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new countries and cultures. I love to stay active and will never turn down a cup of coffee."

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